TheGoodMessenger is a cloud-based messaging app for mobile with a focus on security and speed.

a new age of messaging...

TheGoodMessenger : a new age of messaging...

Here are the features that make TheGoodMessenger so cool


TheGoodMessenger is so simple that you already know how to use it.


TheGoodMessenger messages are encrypted and can self-destruct.


TheGoodMessenger allows access to your exchanges on all your devices.


TheGoodMessenger delivers messages faster than anyone.


TheGoodMessenger has no limit on the size of your media and exchanges.


TheGoodMessenger protects your messages from hacker attacks.


TheGoodMessenger groups have up to 200,000 members.


TheGoodMessenger allows you to totally personalize your experience.

  • Separation of personal and professional life: With TheGoodMessenger, the separation of the two domains is possible.

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  • Media storage: The storage of photos and videos quickly takes an important place in a smartphone. With TheGoodMessenger, you can schedule this application to delete photos and videos after a set time. Then each time you reconnect to the u application the media are automatically reloaded as they are displayed on the screen. There is therefore no prescription date for the display of content, while storage is significantly reduced.

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  • Use various access objects: TheGoodMessenger can be used on various access media. Thus, it can be used only on a computer without the user using it on their smartphone. Likewise, if TheGoodMessenger is used on a smartphone, the latter does not have to be connected so that TheGoodMessenger can be used on another device.

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